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Surrounding region

Charzykowy is a picturesque village located near Charzykowskie Lake. It is situated in the northwestern part of the Pomeranian Province. The distance from the closes town (Chojnice) is equal to 5km. The popularity of the village is mainly caused by the increasing role of sailing in the region. In 1919, the very first Sailing Association was created here on the initiative of Otton Weilandt. Currently, Charzykowy serves as a comprehensive holiday resort. Various musical events, such as folklore and Shanty festivals are organized in the said village.

Charzykowskie Lake is alluring for the visitors not only during summer. Properly shaped coastline, significant area of the water reservoir, as well as interesting surroundings combined together encourage guests to spend their holiday both actively (while sailing or kayaking) or in a more recreational fashion. Charzykowskie Lake, also known as Lake Łukomie, covers the area of 1363.8 ha. Its maximum depth equals 30 meters, but there are also, 25-30 meter depth sections scattered all around the lake, making it truly unique. The width of the lake, ranging from 2.4 km to 0.5 km, is a warranty of breathtaking sights. Charzykowskie Lake is 12th on the list of biggest lakes in Poland and 2nd in the index of largest water reservoirs within the area of Bory Tucholskie. Due to the fact that Lake Charzykowskie is supplied with water from a number of sources, its cleanness ranges from 3rd class (south coast, near the town of Charzykowy) to 2nd class (north coast, near the village of Małe Swornegacie). Northeastern shore is rather high as it reaches up to 25 m. Therefore, a viewpoint has been located there in order to make it possible for the visitors to admire the marvelous landscape of the Struga Siedmiu Jezior estuary.

Every year, both sailing competition (town of Charzykowy is the home of a famous marina equipped with an observation tower) and Shanty music festival are organized in the village. Splendid sailing conditions directly translate into a constant, high number of applicants willing to take part in sailing and windsurfing courses. The lake in question is even occupied during winter. Natural conditions are perfect for iceboating, ice-skating, as well as for playing hockey. There are numerous species of fish living in the lake, including “the queen of freshwater fish” – vendace. The coastal line of the said water reservoir is the home of many birds, such as: crane, grey heron, mute swan, cormorant, grebe, and Eurasian coot. In the northwestern part of the lake, there is also one of the most thrilling kayaking trails. It is called the Brda Lake Trail, along which the International Kayaking Trip was carried out in 1938.

The discussed area has also a lot to offer for cyclists and strollers: astonishing bike trails (which may also be taken advantage of by roller-skaters) and spacious walking tracks are just perfect for summer rides and jogging sessions. The fact that the Bory Tucholskie Grand Prix in Nordic Walking is organized in a close proximity to the lake cannot be underestimated as well. It is simply impossible to be bored while spending one’s time here! In the very center of Charzykowy the Botanic Educational Trail has been created. Its exploration may be a perfect solution for individuals having nothing entertaining to do during evening and being willing to familiarize themselves with both fauna and flora of Bory Tucholskie in a straightforward and alluring manner.

Lake Charzykowskie is a must-see for all the aficionados of sailing, cycling, and strolling. Comprehensive development of the area surrounding the water reservoir in question makes it possible for every visitor to enjoy himself or herself in a way depending on his or her personal preferences. During summer, the guests may choose to go on a kayaking trip or participate in sailing-related events. In autumn, there is the possibility to collect full baskets of various mushrooms. Winter is the perfect time for ice-skaters and iceboating fans. Finally – in spring, the region becomes just perfect for strolling and bike trips.

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